Aftermarket commitment

The service concept of "customer needs - the ultimate goal we strive for" always runs through the Li En cable, taking "meeting customer needs" as our responsibility, and doing our best to provide customers with perfect pre-sales, in sales, and after-sales services.

1. Product quality
We adhere to the policy of "product quality is the first vitality of the enterprise", ensuring that the power cable products we provide comply with the national standard of "GB/T12706-2020", and environmentally friendly, fire-resistant, and flame-retardant cables comply with the national standard of GB/T19666-2019; Rubber sheathed cables comply with GB/T5013-2008 and JB/T8735-2016 national standards; The control cable complies with the national standard GB/T9330-2020; Wire products comply with GB/T5023-2008 and JB/T8734-2016 national standards; Other products strictly follow national, industry, or enterprise standards to ensure compliance with laws, regulations, and customer technical standards and specifications.

2. Service scope
Pre sales: Understand customer needs and expectations, position products, provide appropriate solutions, and ensure that customer needs are met to the maximum extent possible.
In sales: Meet customer needs and expectations, ensure quality and quantity, and provide safe and fast services to ensure the perfect realization of customer needs.
After sales: Exceeding customer needs and expectations, through customer follow-up, consultation, handling, and feedback, investigating customer satisfaction, continuously improving product quality, and ensuring that customers receive a feeling of exceeding value.

3. Service Commitment
(1) Conduct pre-sales product analysis, understand customer needs, serve as a good customer advisor, provide overall solutions for customers, and ensure that Li En products meet customer needs.
(2) Accurately, quickly, and patiently answer various questions and all questions raised by customers.
(3) Provide free technical guidance and on-site assistance in installation, use, and other aspects according to customer needs.
(4) Under the condition of standardized installation and normal use, our company provides products with "three guarantees" of quality service for one year from the date of installation and debugging.
(5) During the "Three Guarantees" period, it was actually a product quality issue and all parties unconditionally fulfilled the services of warranty repair, replacement, and return.
(6) After receiving feedback from customers, we will actively respond and provide a clear response within 1 working day. If there is a major product malfunction, we will arrive at the site to handle it and make every effort to meet customer requirements.
(7) We provide lifelong service to our customers and promptly solve any problems they encounter during the use of our products through follow-up visits.
For a long time, Li En has won the favor of the market and customers by selling and producing excellent products, fine services, reasonable prices, and perfect services. We will do our best from beginning to end to meet various reasonable needs of customers anytime and anywhere.