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Our company successfully held the end of 2016 tooth-to-tail party

Company news
2018/06/05 18:39
  New year, new journey!
  New year, new look!
  On January 16, 2017, Fujian Lien Cable Co., Ltd. successfully held the 2016 end-to-end party at the New Purple Hotel in Fuzhou.
Looking back on the past, we are full of pride and hard work in exchange for fruitful results; looking ahead, we are shouldering heavy responsibility, and the larger market waiting for us to conquer.


   This year we have shared and disputed. We have gathered here, met each other, and met each other for the same goal. Like spring, summer and autumn, we are all different and have interpreted a perfect year. In 2016, in the management of our company, a group of outstanding management cadres and outstanding employees emerged. They are proactive, diligent, and have made extraordinary contributions to ordinary jobs.

   Immediately afterwards, the wonderful programs prepared by colleagues in the various departments of Lien started. There are affectionate songs, funny humorous sketches, heart-warming poetry readings, and magical and magical performances that give the audience a lot of emotion and laughter. More high-level leaders sang high enthusiasm and continued to welcome everyone's bursts of cheering and applause.

   Of course, the most exciting thing is that the raffle that was interspersed in the middle of the dinner, with the third, second, first, and special prizes, continued to set off round after round of climax.

   In 2016, we need to thank too much, too much to learn, "join together to the future, advance with the times to open new chapters", 2017, we come together! I wish the company under the leadership of the leadership, all the performance of the work will go a higher level, let us "jointly intensive cultivation, create greater glories, blend dreams, draw together wonderful!"

Our company successfully held the end of 2016 tooth-to-tail party