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How to distinguish true and false mineral insulated fireproof cables

Industry news
2021/07/14 17:28


How to distinguish true and false mineral insulated fireproof cables
   There are probably the following types of mineral insulated cables currently used in the domestic market
   One, BTTZ copper core copper sheathed magnesium oxide insulated fireproof cable
   is a rigid cable with a seamless copper tube sheath on the outer layer, magnesium oxide crystal powder filled in the middle, and a single-strand copper rod as the conductor (with poor bending performance). BTTZ is a rigid mineral insulated cable with a limited length that can be produced. In actual use, it must be spliced ​​by several or even dozens of short cables with numerous joints.
  二、YTTW copper core copper interlocking armored mineral cable
   is composed of copper stranded wire, mineral compound insulation and special non-combustible copper interlocking armored sheath.
   3. BTLY aluminum sheath continuous extruded mineral insulated cable
  Fireproof cable
However, the market is also flooded with a large number of low-quality products. The editor of the above picture recently discovered a suspected fake YTTW mineral cable at a construction site. The product certificate and the cable are clearly printed with the word YTTW, but regardless of appearance, structure, cross-section, The materials are different from the familiar YTTW mineral cables. The quality of mineral cables is uneven. How should consumers judge the fire performance of mineral cables? Without a professional combustion laboratory, the editor has learned through relevant professional electrical engineers that the most basic It depends on whether there is a BS6387 standard test report for mineral cables from a third-party authority, (CWZ) "Cable Performance Requirements for Keeping Circuits Intact in Fire Conditions":
  ⑴: Continuously energize for 180 minutes without breakdown under a flame of 950°C (item C is purely fire-resistant);
  ⑵: After 15 minutes under the flame of 650°C, it will not be penetrated after 15 minutes of water spraying (item W spray test);
   ⑶: Under 950°C flame, withstand 15 minutes of percussion vibration without breakdown (Z impact test).
   Next, look at whether the manufacturer has its own core technology and patents, and whether it has its own combustion performance test laboratory for comprehensive consideration. So it seems that it is particularly important to choose a well-known big brand cable manufacturer, and it is relatively straightforward and simple to obtain high-quality mineral cable products. Ober Electric specializes in the production of mineral cables, and gives you the most assured quality assurance.

How to distinguish true and false mineral insulated fireproof cables